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My Letter of Intent

Posted in SCENE 1: FEAR with tags , , on October 27, 2011 by V-Leno


I apologize for this mis-happening.. when the lines between what was and what is seemed to have been crossed up, you know. Kind of caught up by FEAR. See FEAR it grips you then it trips you. It holds you so tight till your sleep no longer wants sleep and your visions become imprisoned while your dreams fade into the background as mere insignificant memories never to be realized. Never to be realized that is if this F.E.A.R. strips you of the pure common sense God has given you…One thing I want you to realize is fear is not your friend and I have personally realized FEAR is not my friend. Like ice being cracked and poured into a cool crisp glass of water where my thoughts. As easily as one would drink from that glass on a hot summer day. Just as easily did my thoughts flow to the page mounted in my brain transferring my deepest hurts pains life lessons and frustrations unto this page. Some how some way some day it stopped. My hurt became to deep and my lessons to severe. At this moment when the encryptions encrypted in my brain read FEAR I simply screamed out loud but inside my mind “NO,” Then I said as I thought to myself, “ GOD just how really do you expect me to write?” Questions I asked because you see my internal foolery was foolery, just foolish. The FEAR that gripped me turned my pain and as if it anorexia distorted the reflection of my distorted the very reflection of me. So as if I had anorexia I believed the reflection my current internal reflection painted of me. See this painting tormented me an hung at every visual spot of my walls hypothetically speaking of course. Imagine closing your eye lids to see repetitive lessons that you should have learn been taught again because it seems that in your so called intelligence, some how it seems that you simply believed the foolery, the trickery the FEAR that pointed back at you. So I bowed my head so heavily that I resisted even restricted myself from stepping on the scale to realize what real. See my scale is a measurement of what I really way my true reality. The scale realizes how heavy my right foot is along with the density of my left. Unfortunatly this disease called FEAR distorted my view of me even convinced me that my scale was un- necessary to step on and the reality of me and my “weight” (my inability to learn my lesson) But I trusted I trusted my FEAR and the reflection I saw of me because it whispered trusting me is much better than the pain of your reality “So feel me FEAR ,” replied, I said yes. Like any person with any disease or issue of distortion I realized that my reality needed me and I needed my reality without this how can I everbecome free. Then something inside of me rescued me. Ye though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I shall fear no evil. For thy rod and thy staff does comfort me..He laith a table before me and my enemies..” “I am a child of the King of whom shall I be afraid.?” “My weights will become my testomies and my life lessons help to others going through this thing called growing up. At this point my testimony was revived. My heart began to palpitate. I got on the scale and realized in life we must know our weight not the illusions of how bad they are nor how big. One thing that is apparent one thing I have realized is that in life, yes I have been in more messes than I can count. Had no food, no car and no hope but if I continue to assume, If I continue to rely on the reflection placed in front of me and believe in the reflection of a disease which distorts and contorts my situation how will I ever be able to weigh true reality. So I stepped on the scale. And yes I will admit I had not gained as much weight as was reflected the scale told me this…and as in life my situations to be exact yes I have struggled and what you see from V2FITT comes from being broken than you would know but I have realized this Is what will make my marvelous testimony. Down but not out. Fearful no longer. When I am going through the storm you will know ..but you will also know most importantly my measure my FAITH. REAL WEIGHT

Christ is my scale and He holds my weight!


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