My Confessions

My Confessions

Be Unconquerable

THESE are my confessions

I want to change and help so many people but, if my house is not in order like a landslide my bricks will fall. If I can’t step and land, If all around me I seem to build up my own fortress of quick sand, than how… o how can I ever seem to land? ..How can I propel with no bouncy? How can I excel with no structure, no written documentation of my vision, from cleaning my room in the morning to saying my prayers.I can’t excel, if I don’t do these things well.. well you may question me.  Let’s sit down and take a look, you see, let’s come to realize that in life the little things paint your picture. The little things allow your Mona Lisa to become complete. The remedy in all this resides in my decisions.  So fed up, tired of being stuck up in my mess.  The riots in my head paint dramatic scenes but no cinema, no movies will ever been seen, no elegant kiss of how vision becomes bliss and spreads like rapid wild fires. If I can’t ever seem to get down on my knees to get my house in order..You see because from my house spews so much ..from my house I reside, and inside me resides a visions to help inspire uplift and motivate but it seems true that if I can’t help me and get my house in order than the question is who can I help?..With the stairs to my drive way cracking and the bricks in my mortar looking morbid, corrosion eating away at the steps of my dreams.  These visions to change the nation will be mere visions, mere illusions if I don’t seek you earnestly acting in faith, retaining my discipline thanking you for my victory in advance and making this forward steps to excel. You have called me to excel.  For the plans you have for me read nothing, nothing but victory. This old house I will clean. Those stumbling blocks on my porch… you are now my stepping stones! I must confess dropping these weights admitting I am still irresponsible with my ways was hard but, this is REAL.I am not growing up unless I show up and admit this to you!  THESE ARE MY



To all my stumbling stones I thought I would let you know.. “I am getting my house in order and you are now my stepping stones!”

Why because “I can do all thing through Christ who strengthens me” Philippians 4:13.

A word from “V”- I have been on this journey for over 220 days. One thing I have realized is this is more than I bargained for, but in everything that is worth something you must but up a fight. Put your gloves on its time to get in the ring and fight, fight, fight until that last and final round. Though there are things about my body that still need fix’ING giving up sure wont FIX’EM!




4 Responses to “My Confessions”

  1. Rosie Leno Says:

    I agree. The first step to helping others is to help self. Thank you for reminding me that we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength. I love you.

    • veronica leno Says:

      i LOVE YOU SO MUCH MOMMY..and this is my term of LOVE…you are my mommy no matter how old i get.!! Love you..YOU ARE SO AWESOME!

  2. Hi Veronica,
    I am in the workout class at HEB 39. S.P. is my name. I workout with you every Tuesday and Thursday. I would love to have the decipline you have. I know your drive is Faith in the Lord. But, as a child or a teen did you have a weight problem? I always found myself happy with my size. I just have a terrible disease that will probably kill me like it did my father at age 43, my grandmother, my grandfather and lots of family members that never lived past 50yr of age. I want to beat the disease( diabetes). I want to live to be old and have all my lims. I want to be fit and healthy. I am a wife and a mommy. I found that weight loss is the only way I can win. My brother weighed over 300lbs. He lost 100lbs in 6 months and has kept it off. He to had diabetes and now has beat it. He has a clean bill of health and is keeping the weight off. If you have any extra pointers aside from class to help me in my journey I will gladly accept them.
    Thank You,

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