Be Un-Conqurable


Written time and time again: final draft March 23, 2011

I have been carried for 136 DAYS and counting and I AM STILL STANDING!

Despair was my best friend; happiness seemed to be my enemy. My story of trail and triumph had hit a screeching halt. My faith was tested. My heart was weary, and my body felt faint. In all this HE kept me, and keeps me still. When I think and try to explain this past three weeks there is no imaginable word I can think to place on it, no possible silhouette to outline the mess in which I was in. But you know what , I can say, “ I AM STILL STANDING.” My sanity has been tested; yes I have been broken down beyond depression into a state of numbness and confusion. Allusion, tears, and anything that has to do with not having a single clue tied me down almost destroying me…but, I AM STILL STANDING. First my car broke on me, and then I realized my lack of responsibility engulfed me leaving me with unpaid speeding tickets and an invalid id. Not to mention the enemy like a lion chastised me day and night, in and out, but I am here and I am saying…I hope you see…I AM STILL STANDING. I AM STILL STANDING though my legs wanted to buckle beneath me while my world seemed to be in a whirlwind..HERE I STILL STAND.. in all this I WILL PRAISE YOU. If I must go through the storm, the trials and tribulations if I am going through this with you LORD then I AM GOING THROUGH IT…. Meaning the hole my enemies conspire to dig for me even the hole I have dug for myself, Well Lord you see and have seen my hole and YOU said “This is nothing but a tunnel”  You said and say, STAND UP! So here I am still standing though while in the fiery furnace I cried, you saw me and cared an I AM and I AM STILL STANDING. You drug me out like a soldier in the trenches of war and peril. My fox hole was closing in, but you saw my tunnel and spoke to the walls those walls. Walls of my own stupidity, immaturity, and irresponsibility, you saw but still you cared for me. You carried me out! Now I say thank you LORD I AM STILL STANDING!


Real weight loss goes beyond physical weight, beyond mere vanity. In this process of weight loss I have realized a testimony is being developed and a story is being written. When you go do the gym for whatever fitness goal you may have, however hard you work at attaining that goal realize in life we must do the same. There is a connection to it all and the author of that connection is God. Realize in your process of weight loss more than physical weight will be lifted. Those issues of life stand waiting also to be dropped. The question is WHAT WILL YOU DO WITH YOUR WEIGHT…?


Even when growing up producing growing pains and the rain comes in a storm


Motivation Please:

1 Corinthians 13:11 (King James Version)

 11When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things.



Lemons out of lemonade

Running to the gym! Back pack…Check….shoes…..check….FAITH YES SIR!

Morning Sprints (Good for burning fat- anaerobic exercise)

7 sprints 10.5 speed increments

Pushups 15

Pull ups 5

Repeat push up pull up 3 times

2 mile BACK PACK….back….check…REAL WEIGHT LOSS….A MUST!

35 minute cross-fit workout @ Flex studios 😉

Walk/ run back home


2 Responses to “STILL STANDING !”

  1. Rosie Leno Says:

    I like the theme, ” I am still standing.” It is very encouraging and inspiring and the scripture puts the “icing on the cake” because you know who keeps you standing. I love you.

  2. I love you also mom

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