HARD Days will Come.. But you CAN MAKE IT- Drop that WEIGHT!

Be- Unconqurable

It was Monday December 27, I decided to dream. Dream for what you dream, what you see, that can and will be your reality.  


Written on December 27, 2010, “Yes I did not publish this for 4 days”, why, “I had to build up the confidence.” Please BE ENCOURAGED

I decided to D.R.E.A.M. today

I decided NOT to be ashamed today,

I decided to show myself to the world all the way

I realized that I am not the perfect trainer or person

I realized something though, I serve a perfect God

I realized that I am truly fearfully and wonderfully made

I saw myself admitting to you my embarrassment and shame

I see myself now realizing that what satan meant for my shame GOD is using for His Glory

I understand that I am flawed, but in this process of weight loss in order to FINISH, You have got to BEGIN

So HERE I Begin,

 53 days and every Day I begin

Each step fresh and brand new,

Please realize that in life, not just weight loss, every step is different

Today’s step may lead to success, but what is success without understanding the rest

Seeing the complete picture of me

Poured and fixed up indeed

Head did hang low my weights where stifling

But I looked up like those strong Roman soldiers did;

 I took off my helmet to get a clear view

Threw down my shield with confidence looking the shame of my years in the face


 Weight I am no longer carrying YOU!

You See, I don’t think you see, OPEN YOUR EYES,

I’m Flying, I am Free

His yoke is EASY, That’s what He told me

His burdens are light, a promise He KEEPS




This is poem that came out while I was attempting to let you in on something that I see as a shame of my past. The years that I thank God, did not last. Yes weight that is stored up, both physically seen and mentally. As I woke up this morning to my alarm buzzing o so sweetly in my ear as it usually does around 4:00 a.m. I felt like a conqueror. So much so that I even posted “4 a.m. workout LET’S GO,” This is what I usually post. But something bad happened, something unexpected, or shall I say un-characteristic of my Journey of weight loss. What happened, you may ask… Well, Okay.

Okay… I slowly rolled back into my comfy bed and fell asleep. I woke back up at 4:45 and this was a conscious effort. I said “Okay, Veronica just go to sleep until 4:45 and you can go to them gym when you get up.” You may think to yourself that’s okay, but I was not pleased with myself. I was mad and wanted to say just forget it, I have messed up, broken my discipline, and let not only myself down but YOU down.  Never the less I did go to the gym and run my mile. The time was 7:21. This was unsatisfactory to me, I didn’t think it was good enough because I stopped 3 times, once to tie my shoe, and the last for no reason at all. Maybe it was pure boredom. If you cannot already gather, I deemed this morning as a letdown. I was disappointed in myself all around.  I looked at the workout as a fail, but then something happened. The question “What is Victory without Defeat,” then I asked myself “Veronica, who says you can’t just try it again?” I just began to encourage myself. “So what, you had a crummy workout, you woke up late, guess what you can fix that, just try again.” You know in life people look at failure, as a bad thing but my “failure” taught me a life lesson today, HELLO in LIFE VERONICA YOU MAY JUST FAIL..But WHAT WILL YOU DO AFTER… THAT DEFINES you. The thing about failure is it is embarrassing to admit but admission of wrongs and understanding that Gods love is all encompassing, meaning he loves you in and out of time, meaning the sun and earth may fade but he still loves you, so much so he sent his son to die for you. Now, you see failure, shame and embarrassment, they last only for a short while, that is if you realize what you have done and God has forgiven you. I am only saying this because this morning was a fail to me but the only thing that gives me the COURAGE to make it right is GOD. He motivates me and I realize Okay, I messed up, but I have an option to GET UP. His hand is stretched out

I am a perfect imperfection

I have sinned, I have done wrong, but these WEIGHTS HAVE GOT TO COME OUT OF ME

THIS is my encouragement to tell you this

2 Corinthians 12:9

  • But he said to me,
    “My grace is sufficient for you,
    for my power is made perfect in weakness.”
    Therefore I will boast all the more gladly of my weaknesses,
    so that the power of Christ may rest upon me

    2 Corinthians 12:

3 Responses to “HARD Days will Come.. But you CAN MAKE IT- Drop that WEIGHT!”

  1. I was blessed by the messege of dropping the weight. Feeling hopless at the fact that I want to see an end to my journey to freedom. I can get over motivated and then stop to be back at square one. I realize that I can’t do it on my own but Only Through Christ. I am 60 pounds over weight for my height at 4 feet. I need help on this journey called weight loss. I am hoping to finally put my weight loss issues to rest. Thanks again please send me tips on weight loss. God Bless! I needed a word from The Lord Today…:-)

    • Kiana, You can make it. Keep on pushing and remeber to look to God. I will send you some tips as well, just keep the FAITH, NEVER GIVE UP. YOU can do all things through CHRIST including drop that weight! Lets GO..I will shoot you some tips. Also subscribe to the blog to have fist acess to every post. They are motivational, positive and I pray a blessing 🙂

  2. Thanks! V-Leno

    I appreciate the encouragement. I will drop that 60 pounds of weight. I will because I can do all things through Jesus Christ…that is my motivation starting tomorrow. I want to lose at least 40 pounds of that 60 by May 1, 2011..I have all the knowledge of how to lose weight the right and healthy way. I just need exercise tips, and tips on how to stay motivated. I’m glad to have support pray for me tomorrow and I will pray for you. Be Blessed! I know God is with us.

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