Weight- You are not a REFLECTION of ME

Be Un-Conqurable


Reflection of me (Weight Loss)

I would look inside of the mirror and think

 This weight gained was a reflection of me

 Then I got tired of carrying it ,looked up to GOD and said,

 “WEIGHT you will no longer be a reflection of me,

 You were never meant to be!”

 I am independent of you.

You see, with me personally

This weight gained reflected situations of pain that I held on to.

 I have no idea why I held my grip so tight.

 All I had to do was let go and let God.

But you see that realization came in time.

This realization that weight, you and I were never meant to be

And you are not a reflection of ME!

I grant you no definition

But through my reflection I understand you are there

The only option is to drop you

I wish to no longer stare

You see, WEIGHT, God said every burden he will bare

So to God I go, as I drop you off

Physically, spiritually and emotionally so

You are worth no bon voyage, not even a piece

Because I am dropping you

Fully and complete

You see, look in the mirror and know

Weight you were never meant to be, a reflection of me

In my blood there boils a conquer and that is it!

In my blood boils true love,

I am able to forgive past memories

 With you I part ways through faith, praying we never meet again

But if we do, one thing will remain true

You and I where never meant to be

Weight you are not a reflection of me!

 I want to speak to all those who read this, I pray you are encouraged.  Be inspired and know that weight loss is not so hard, just get up and take that step day by day. I wake up at 4 a.m. to work out every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I physically pick one foot up and then the other. Step by step I take this JOURNEY OF WEIGHT LOSS, Physically and emotionally. Drop that weight step by step. You can do it, you already have victory!  Those who gained weight because of depression, rape, abuse, broken relationships,  broken heartedness, loss of a love, divorce, situations out of your control, business and any other complexity in which the result was weight gain, in all these situations know that there is still hope, You can make it! You just have to get up and drop that weight! Know that you are not alone in this! You can do it! ….  Cast your cares on the LORD and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous fall. Psalms 55:22

(Please just continue reading)

Drop that weight

My hope in this journey, my helper in this process is God. You may find it interesting but this particular note has been written 3 times prior due to fear, but I was encouraged to no longer be afraid. What was this fear that gripped me you may ask? This was the fear of being so open, being so transparent. In life it seems people want to come off as perfect but not I. I wonder, for people who are going through the toughest of times, how does not sharing your once weights/struggles help them? In this journey my specific weights will be made know, this the most terrifying part.  This was a realization I came to 2 days ago, causing me to drop my pencil and think. This thought was so deep, I said it out loud, “Oh God this weight loss means more than I think, and it is getting pretty deep.” It is as if every past issue is being drudged out of me, and so I spoke out loud to myself “ Okay, God what is this going to be God?” “It would just happen to be when I am sharing this with the world that everything comes out.” (And then I smile)  I soon realized this is not a bad thing at all. I understand there will be some who do not agree but, I must say, this is my true and current account of weight loss inside of me and externally.

On Saturday (Date December 4, 2010) while attempting to write this the weights of visions from my childhood began to surface. This was not a bad thing at all, just a bit unexpected, if you will allow me to be ever so real and share this with you. I share this not for pity in the least bit, but because I’m dropping this weight … so you may be encouraged to drop your weight also.

My childhood was great,

Most things we were afforded

But things I remember most have never completely become voided

Visions of anger and hurt, seen through a young Childs eyes

Years and years of seeing hurt and pain inflicted on a flower

This flower I loved the most

 Getting down on my knees was my remedy

Have faith, “Dear God, don’t let these things affect me”

Some weights unknowingly where carried from the things seen

Sincere apologies to those of whom my baggage landed

The thing about this weight loss is, those situations have been handed

My burdens of yells and screams feet shaking to the ground

My burdens are all HIS now

By his I mean God,

He told me he would take them

 In this process of weight loss indeed he does collect

 Sitting and Saying I was waiting for you

  Physical and Emotional COMPLETE WEIGHT LOSS!

                     Drop that weight!

PHYSICAL WEIGHT = 6 pounds lost


In the book of life it says: 1 Peter 5:7 (King James Version)

 7Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.

But why V??: This is my motivation, my inspiration, my hope, my joy, my peace, my strength, my everything!!

Real Weight loss!!

I cast all my cares upon him because he loves me.

4:00 a.m. Workout

5 minute warm-up

Ran a mile time 7:25!!! Yeah

Completed two 2 minutes sprints

20 push-ups

5 pull-ups

20 push-ups

5 pull-ups

20 push –ups

5 pull-ups

Then I completed the late pull down 3 sets of 16 and the chest fly 3 sets of 16.

Let’s Go Drop that weight!


8 Responses to “Weight- You are not a REFLECTION of ME”

  1. Oh V! How I hate the ‘fat’ i have gained!!!

    • You can drop it Tanvi!!! Drop that WEIGHT! 🙂

      • Rosie Leno Says:

        My Child,
        God loves you soooo!!! I am pleased that you are allowing Him to work through you and in you. I appreciate the inspiring words, the hope and confidence you have in Christ and your desire to help others obtain that same hope in knowing thy can do anything through Him. I am truely inspired. I love lyou.

      • Thank you so much mom, for giving birth to us. I love you very much and i just trust in God through this all. You know he is my rock and without him i would be so lost. This process is not easy , scary infact but i know it will inspire people and that is priceless.!

      • I know I should. SOON!

      • Tanvi, I will see you soon.

  2. Jonathan Leno Says:

    Hey Girly. I really enjoy reading your writtings. Your words are uplifitng and inspirng furthermore, you highlight the benefits of vanquishing pass issues and you explian God’s ability to heal. I encourage you to contuine to let God utilize your abililties. I love you. Have a great day!

    • Brother, your comment means so much to me. Thank you so much for being such a loving brother. You are an awesome man of God bro. There are big things for you so keep your head up, dont want to miss the rainbow 🙂 I love you

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