Weight Loss(Inside of Me)


Be Un-Conqurable


                                                       Dropping Weight


It was DEC.1, 2010

I was anxious to post this but all my anxiety left when I had a conversation with my brother on the phone, he said to me, “I am anxious” and I said, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. -Philippians 4:6-“, so now I have the courage to send you this without any anxiety….  I hope you will BE MOVED, BE ENCOURAGED, and BE BLESSED!


4: OO a.m. – Early morning workout. Yes I had to drag myself out of bed thinking “come on Veronica you can do it! Be an example.”…..What??? (I sometimes just say what) “Oh God help me” I am tired!!… But indeed I was able to get up. I walked to the gym slightly stumbling, but I made it!  That one STEP out of my bed turned into another and another and then the completion of my workout. So with this I encourage you to complete your WORKOUT. DROP THAT weight… not just the physical WEIGHT. Drop all the issues, hurts and complexities that caused you to gain it in the first place! Don’t think it is that deep? Just think about why you gained it. Weight gained has an origin…What is it that happened, what lead to a lack of motivation, and lethargy …WHY DID YOU GAIN that weight?Why did I? Though you may look at me and say no way, I will look at you with a straight face and say I gained it! The scales do NOT lie; now, it’s time to DROP IT!!! DROP THAT WEIGHT

STATISTICS: Starting Weight: 156

READ THE POEM TO see how much WEIGHT has been dropped (these weights INSIDE OF ME)

Inside of ME

Inside of ME lies potential to BE


                Inside of ME are memories… like you I have been through so MUCH

But, my extremities do not show you THIS

Inside of Me lays weights

Too long they have weighed heavy

But, Inside of ME is a CONQUEROR; “I am that I am” abides in me

You see the INSIDE of ME rests a stamp that says

 “You are fearfully and wonderfully made”

INSIDE OF ME lies past memories

Old WEIGHTS shut, and hushed quite

But these weights once lost will be a part of my Marvelous testimony

So INSIDE OF ME I must drop this weight

This is number one priority

But the thing about it is I already have victory

So when I even think of this process of weight loss

And the spirit INSIDE OF ME

I know, I will OVERCOME all, seen and unseen

INSIDE OF ME the past hurts and burdens just seem like nothing

Especially when I mention HIS SON

OOOhhh….. My sweet savior

I can make it



INSIDE OF ME by: Veronica Leno

Thank you God

Statistics: Today’s Weight: 152   THAT’S 4 LBS gone!! LETS GO!



Why do you make references to Christ V??? STOP:

Answer: I am a motivator of people but Christ motivates me to even breath so please just understand that this is my personal journey and the point behind it all is to motivate the masses. This is what motivates me. Positive and encouraging.


12 Responses to “Weight Loss(Inside of Me)”

  1. Oh I love that verse!!! The poem is GREAT!! Keep them coming.

    • Thank you so much i am glad you like it..They will keep coming God willing! Motivation without application is useless so if you have friends send my link please all

  2. Kenyon and Rose Leno Says:

    Nice! Keep up the GREAT work! We are so proud of you and all of your accomplishments. Love ya!

  3. celeste contreras Says:

    this is great veronica. omg keep it up!

  4. Hey thanks for giving me that extra push though your words of encouragement. It meant alot and I am on it. Ill let you know how it goes.

  5. Keep it up! I need to see you and get motivated!!!

  6. Chineze Anwunah Says:

    This is so inspiring. You are awesome and strong and you will definitely be lifted higher than you are. You inspire me to remain motivated and committed to my own journey of weight loss but now it’s about to be personal. I’m going to emulate you and start on dropping all other kinds of unnecessary baggage I’m carrying around. You go Veronica.

    • Hey Chineze,
      Thank you so very much. God is good. It is good to hear that you want to begin your own journey of a deeper weight loss. I totally encourage that. THat is the best thing to hear. Complete weight loss!

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